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On commencement of your employment with 3Way you would have received a username and password to access this section. if you have forgotten or mislaid please send an email to to request a reset.

Investor In People, Since 2001.

3Way are proud to be in the 26% of organisations that hold the Investor’s In People accreditation. This has helped us to transform our business through our people. We always make time for effective communication, this means every member of staff and employee’s opinions are actively sought, which has proved to improve performance, productivity and profitability and also helped reduce; sickness /absence and staff attrition. While improving; motivation, quality and employee loyalty.

Achieving this standard wasn’t easy however; making our members aware that their individual efforts are essential to the success of 3Way, consistently listening, adapting and devoting the resources needed for personal development has had a positive effect throughout every part of our organisation.

Living Wage Foundation .

3Way have partnered with the Living Wage Foundation as a recognised service provider. The Living Wage was launched by Citizens UK in 2001 and the principle behind the Living Wage is simple and powerful: that work should bring dignity and should enable families to enjoy the essentials of life.