Holiday Request Form

I hereby request to take the following days as part of my annual leave entitlement.


• You must give the company at least one month’s notice of your intention to take holidays.

• In calculating the total number of days requested above you should only use the days when you are normally at work.

• You should however include any Bank or Public Holidays that occur during this period of absence in this total.

• Under the Terms and Conditions of your Employment you are not allowed to take more than two weeks holiday at any one time. 3 Way Cleaning will consider any requests for extended leave (either paid or unpaid) beyond two weeks on a case by case basis. The operational needs of each client will ultimately determine whether these requests are granted.

• Employees in their first year of service will have a pro rata holiday entitlement for the first year of employment. You should have been told this figure but if you are in any doubt you should ask your Manager.

• No Leave will be permitted between the 20th December and 5th January.

Your area manager will respond confirming whether the holiday has been authorised. If no information is received please call 01375 371986.

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