Not all Computer Viruses are Electronic

The recent outbreak of WannaCry ransomware highlighted how quickly computer viruses can spread.  However not all viruses carried by computers are electronic.

Office workers are exposed to nearly 400 times as many microbes from their phones and keyboards than toilet seats, according to a recent study by the University of Arizona.

According to the report, the main offenders are telephones, which harbour up to 25,127 microbes per square inch, keyboards 3,295 and computer mice 1,676.

By way of contrast, the average toilet seat contains 49 microbes per square inch, the survey showed.

Microbiologist Dr Charles Gerba, of the University of Arizona, who carried out the research, said: "When someone is infected with a cold or flu bug the surfaces they touch during the day become germ transfer points because some cold and flu viruses can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours.

"An office can become an incubator."

The study further found bacteria levels increased drastically during the day, peaking after lunch; particularly if your workers are "desktop diners"

Food spills, such as tea and biscuits, can support mini eco-systems, but cleaning of keyboards and phones is not always given high priority.

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Dr Gerba said: "Without cleaning, a small area on your desk of phone can sustain millions of bacteria that could potentially cause illness."

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