Window Cleaning

We provide a diverse array of window cleaning services to cover all client expectations.

Our dedicated team, from management through to our specialist window cleaning operatives, take pride in ensuring maximum effort is applied at all times to deliver the best possible results for our clients’ - whether a single site, a multi-site, or a national contract. Exceeding customer expectation - from customer service through to on-site cleaning results - is our target.

Some of the clients that benefit from our expertise are; Millennium Dome (The O2 in Greenwich); Barclays bank; Ladbrokes; William Hill; Northern Rock; Nationwide; River Island; the Orchard and Meadows shopping centers.

Equipped with a fleet of vehicles, 3Way is here to provide you with the ultimate window cleaning solution.

The methods we employ

Reach & wash:

  • Cleans frames and glass at no additional cost; UPVC, facades, roofs and cladding.
  • Safely Clean up to 65 feet in height (6 floors).
  • Eliminates ladders, cherry pickers and cradles.

Modern Reach & Wash methods are a fantastic, relatively new method of window cleaning which is a fantastic alternative to the more conventional use of Ladders for cleaning up to and including 6 storey's. It is a an extremely ecological and economically friendly process. Please feel free to call us to arrange a demonstration.

Cherry picker & platform work

Not all areas requiring cleaning are accessible via the 'Reach and Wash' system, ladders or by Abseiling. This is where platform work, or more commonly known as the ‘cherry picker’ comes into its own. With the ability to extend to a height of 270 feet, 9/10 storey’s it gives us the flexibility to work in a secure area with room to move without over extending on reach.

Abseiling, Eyebolts & Cradles:

After completing a site survey to determine the best method of approach, either Abseiling or Cradle can be utilised for work on tall buildings. Providing an adequate amount of Eyebolt fixings are available around your building, we are able with use of harnesses and by Abseiling, to suspend ourselves to comfortably clean any height, shape or dimension of a building. If a 'cradle' is in place our cleaning team are fully qualified to use this method for access to building sides and work from.

Ladder work:

If no alternative is available we still revert to this traditional method, Our specially trained technicians are used to working at heights, in accordance with the current working at height regulations with 100% confidence.